Frequently asked questions

1. I want to enroll my child in your Center. Do I need a referral?

No, you don't need a referral. Parents or legal guardians of a child may simply come to our Center.

2. What does the examination at your Center look like?

Standard psychological and pedagogical examination consists of:

consultation with the parent, during which an interview regarding the child's development and difficulties is performed,

2 meetings with a psychologist, when your child's IQ and the development of visual and auditory functions are tested,

1 meeting with a pedagogue, during which literacy and math skills are tested,

1 meeting with a psychologist to discuss the result of tests.

The number of meetings may be bigger, depending on the student's difficulty level. Additional consultations, e.g. with a speech therapist may be also necessary. Consultation and discussion of test results takes place without the child's participation, while the child participates in diagnostic meetings with a psychologist, pedagogue or speech therapist without parents.

3. What should I take with me to my first meeting with a psychologist?

Coming to a consultation, please bring your personal ID number (or, in the case of foreigners, the PASSPORT number), the child's health record book, all documents you have (school certificates, opinion from school, opinion of specialists working with the child, medical examination results), child's notebooks where he or she writes a lot, e.g. Polish, history, biology notebooks.

4. What should my daughter take to the examination?

Coming for an examination, students should take with them:

good mood :),

writing tools (younger kids - a pencil, older kids - a pen),

a snack and a drink,

school notebooks for educational tests.

5. Will my child be able to attend the classes at your Center after the tests?

Of course. After the diagnosis is done, you may enroll your child in classes, depending on your child's needs. Enrollment for each new school year usually starts at the end of the current school year, in June.

6. How can I contact your Center's staff?

You can contact our staff:

by our general telephone number,

by email. Each of our employees has an e-mail address which can be found on our website.

7. What should I do if I cannot come to the appointment?

If you are not able to come to the appointment at the Center, please let us know by phone to our Center's office.

8. Will I receive the description of the tests carried out at the Center?

Yes. After the diagnosis is established at our Center, you will receive a psychological-pedagogical opinion or a psychological-pedagogical and speech therapy opinion, depending on what tests have been carried out. The results of tests are discussed with the parent by the attending psychologist after the diagnostic process is completed, and you can collect the opinion at the Center's office. The time for issuing the opinion from the last meeting with the child is 30 days. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, the time of issuing the opinion may be either shorter or, in justified situations, longer.

9. Where can I download and submit documents for the Assessment Board?

The documents to be completed, which are necessary for submitting the application to the Assessment Board, can be downloaded in electronic form from the Center's website and taken in paper form from the Center's office. The complete set of documents can be submitted to the Center's office.

10. Who can use the services of your Center?

Our Center accepts school-age children who attend schools in Krakow.

Admission criteria for children:

children with severe learning difficulties;

children with language communication disorders;

children coming and returning from abroad, multilingual, and from national minorities.

11. Are the services of your Center payable?

No. All services offered by our Center are free of charge.

12. May my child come and come back from the Center on his/her own?

Coming to our Center, a child should be brought and picked up by a parent, legal guardian or an adult whom the child knows. Students from the 6th grade, in exceptional circumstances, may return home on their own, upon the written consent of their parents. The consent form is available in the documents for parents on the Center's website and it can be downloaded from there.

13. Can the psychologist or pedagogue contact the school if my son has problems at school?

Of course. By signing the consent to the tests, you also sign the section regarding our contacts with school employees. For several years, the employees of our Center, after the diagnosis is made, or if the child's difficulties intensify, at the parents' request, have been contacting school specialists, form teachers or other teachers on an ongoing basis.

14. When should my child take next tests? Is psychological and pedagogical opinion valid for a specified period of time?

The specialists' opinions do not have the so-called "expiry date" but they may indicate the period until the next examination. Usually, the next test should not be take sooner than in two years. Often, the opinion issued after the 3rd grade is valid until the end of education (in the case of specific learning difficulties diagnosed). It depends on the provisions of applicable legal acts, but, above all, on the individual needs of the child. Each time a specialist examining a child will answer these questions.

15. Where can I download and submit documents for the Individual Path of Education?

The documents to be completed, which are necessary for submitting the application for the Individual Path of Education, can be downloaded in electronic form from the Center's website and taken in paper form at the Center's office. The complete set of documents can be submitted to the Center's office.

16. Can a child be reported to the Center by his/her school /teacher?

No, the school cannot register a child for examination, it can only refer a child's parent /legal guardian or an adult student to our Center. A child's parent, legal guardian or adult student formally report the student to the Center and sign consent to participate in the tests.

17. Who submits the specialist's opinion at school?

The person who should submit the opinion at school is the child's parent, but he/she is not formally obliged to do so. Submitting the opinion to school is not the responsibility of the Center. The Center contacts the school regarding the child during the diagnostic process or after its completion, only if the parent consents to it in writing.

18. How do I make an appointment at the Center?

Please call the Center's office and sign up for a scheduled consultation with a psychologist. During the consultation, the psychologist will assess the need for an in-depth diagnosis. If such a need exists - the psychologists makes the appointment with a specialist for a parent.

19. How long will I wait for a consultation/diagnosis?

It depends on the organizational options of the Center and also on the part of the school year in which the child is registered. We have the largest number of applications at the beginning and at the end of the school year, and also at the turn of the semester. The waiting time is usually between two weeks and two months.